Evidence and Ideas for Change Supporting vulnerable families and communities in the coronavirus crisis
Sarah Rosen Wartell
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As unsettling, disruptive, and scary as the coronavirus pandemic is for all of us, the health, social, and economic repercussions of this crisis are more extreme for our country’s most vulnerable people and communities. Our team at the Urban Institute has turned quickly to these challenges, even as they are managing their own families’ adjustments. Our experts are already advising policymakers. We are thinking about economic recovery and stimulus options to assist families and communities through economic shocks. And we are already sharing important insights on food assistance and access to medical care and impacts on immigrants and housing markets. You can keep abreast of our ongoing work on what it will take to protect families and communities here.

Through data and evidence, Urban has worked for 50 years to improve the social safety net and programs and practices that best serve the most vulnerable among us. This moment commands such expertise. It commands us to help decisionmakers quickly make better choices.

Like many of you, we are requiring all Urban staff to work remotely, but we are still hard at work. So please do not hesitate to reach out if we can help inform your decisions in the midst of this unprecedented moment.

I am happy to have both my kids healthy and close by at home right now, and I hope that you and yours stay healthy and hold each other tight as we all adjust to this new normal.

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