Evidence and Ideas for Change
President Sarah Rosen Wartell’s reflections on pressing issues of the day and the latest research insights that can help changemakers advance equity, opportunity, and upward mobility.

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  • Evidence and Ideas for Change Introducing the Urban Institute’s Equity Scholars
    Urban Institute’s first cohort of Equity Scholars is a diverse group of emerging and established researchers interested in diverse social policy issues, trained in different disciplines, but united in a commitment to deepening society’s understanding of racism and discrimination and informing the pursuit of equity and justice.
  • Evidence and Ideas for Change The postpandemic future of work is about job quality
    To provide fairness, economic mobility, and security to our essential workers, we need to focus, with an explicit equity lens, on improving the quality of jobs the economy produces for low- and middle-wage workers.
  • Evidence and Ideas for Change Reducing the number of kids experiencing poverty
    Nearly 50 million people will be kept out of poverty in 2021 thanks to the country’s existing safety net coupled with pandemic relief efforts—such as stimulus payments and the expanded child tax credit—provided through the American Rescue Plan Act and earlier legislation.