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Vice President Joe Biden is now projected to have won the presidency, with Senator Kamala Harris as our nation's first woman and person of color to serve as vice president. Post-mortems could consume our waking hours, but with so many simultaneous challenges facing our country, we must return our attention to the work! And there is so much work to do. 

As a nation, we remain deeply divided. Many families are reeling from a damaged economy. COVID-19 infections are climbing, piercing the economies in communities now experiencing spikes in cases and in places where incidences had fallen, only now to rise again. Many people’s jobs are not returning. The pandemic may have accelerated the restructuring of work caused by technological shifts, leaving some Americans less well situated to adapt quickly. 

As we emerge from a difficult, distracting election cycle, we must focus on the needs of people and places across this country. Although Biden won with a promise of unity and empathy, the conditions on the ground—conditions that have sown years of hate, division, and distrust—have not changed. And they won’t change unless we reimagine, redesign, and rebuild a future where everyone’s child has a chance to reach their potential and where cities and rural and suburban communities in red states and blue states are rich with opportunity for all who live there. 

Here at Urban, we are going to do all we can to make the strongest case possible for such a future. We will contribute to rebuilding as we have for more than 50 years, by supporting evidence-informed policies, programs, and practices. Urban is not ideologically motivated. We follow the facts, wherever they take us. But as facts and science have become increasingly politicized, it has been harder for us to cut through the chaos with clarity and nonpartisanship. My hope for us, and for our country, is that we can return to a shared foundation of facts and truth. My hope is for less noise, for more listening, and for more openness to evidence-driven, imaginative, innovative solutions for an optimistic future—one in which we tear down old barriers and emerge stronger as a result of 2020’s crises.