Evidence and Ideas for Change Coronavirus: Taking care and looking ahead
Sarah Rosen Wartell
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Urban’s most central shared value is concern for people who are struggling or have been left behind. So, even as each of my extraordinary colleagues navigates another week of social distancing and anxiety for their loved ones, they also have leapt into action, bringing the power of knowledge to help accelerate solutions to emerging health, social, and economic crises and to ensure solutions reach those too often excluded and those most vulnerable.

We are asking, and answering: What would it take to respond in the short term to keep all our people and the economy afloat? What is going to help all of us recover economically and socially? And how can we become more resilient to global health, economic, climate, and other shocks, even as we seek to prevent them? Employers, philanthropy, social enterprise, and every level of government each has a role in pursuit of each of these objectives.

We are constantly updating our COVID-19 resources with new content, including our latest Critical Value podcast episodes about alleviating economic insecurity and housing instability during the pandemic. I hope you will let me know what questions are occupying you and your organizations and how your agenda has shifted, and I hope Urban can be a resource.

I hope you are taking good care of yourself. Some of you may be feeling isolated; others chafing from too much togetherness. I worry about all those juggling work with care for others in their home. I think also of those living alone: the elderly but also so many just starting their careers away from school or home. I would love to know how are you staying emotionally healthy and connected.

Personally, I am feeling the stress of our new normal. I am trying my best to carve out time to exercise, connect with friends by phone and video, and meditate. I hope you, too, are creating moments that take your mind off our current reality and lift your spirits.

Be well.

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