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Stop and Frisk: The Role of Police Strategies and Tactics in Police-Community Relations

Tensions between police and community members fueled by stop and frisk and “hot spots” policing bring issues surrounding police legitimacy to the fore, particularly in high crime areas and communities of color. On October 15th,the Urban Institute and a panel of experts considered variations in practice across police departments, discussed how research can inform efforts to control crime while enhancing police-community relations, and identified the challenges ahead.

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  • Ronald L. Davis, director, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, US Department of Justice
  • Cathy L. Lanier, chief of police, Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia
  • Tracie L. Keesee, cofounder and director of outreach, Center for Policing Equity, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Nancy La Vigne, director, Justice Policy Center, Urban Institute (facilitator)
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Date & Time Wednesday, October 15, 2014