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How Better Data Can Reduce Domestic Violence

Domestic violence--the leading cause of injury to women--is currently in the spotlight. In the midst of this heightened attention, data can provide valuable insights to help strengthen existing policies and inform the creation of better ones. The Urban Institute's Data Dive, hosted in partnership with the Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project (DVRP), explored how better and more accessible data, analysis, and dialogue can be used to improve understanding and reduce domestic violence. Using data from the DVRP, we discussed how collecting high quality data about domestic violence requires a high degree of cultural awareness and sensitivity.

The event was sponsored by Socrata, a data platform company. Civic-minded technologists, designers, researchers, and analysts were invited to help us create a series of visualizations using data hosted on Socrata's data platform, and help craft a vision of what better data on domestic violence would look like. Researchers, analysts, and policymakers worked together to craft a statement calling for more and better data about domestic violence, while programmers and designers worked with data to visualize information about domestic violence. 

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Date & Time Saturday, November 1, 2014
2100 M Street NW,Washington, DC 20037
, DC , 20037
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