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Mary Bogle
Principal Research Associate
Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center
I want to make a positive and sustainable impact on the futures of American children in poverty. Urban Institute research produces data and evidence that shapes good policy and practice for children and families who experience inequitable access to opportunity.

Mary Bogle is a principal research associate in the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center at the Urban Institute. She conducts formative and summative research on policies and place-conscious interventions that help parents with low incomes surmount the economic, equity, and mental health challenges that often interfere with their efforts to create healthy, productive, and protective environments for their children.

Bogle’s work often sits at the intersection of whole-family support, social networks, and economic development at the neighborhood level. She is a nationally recognized thought leader on two-generation policy and practice, as well as an expert on cash-based social policies and highly effective program models for moving Americans out of poverty. Over the course of her career, Bogle has worked extensively with and for community-based organizations, government agencies, and foundations to plan, implement, and evaluate programs and policies aimed at creating more prosperous futures for children and families with low incomes.

Research Areas
Nonprofits and philanthropy
Children and youth
Social safety net
Race and equity
Kids in context
Neighborhoods and youth development
Parks and green space