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Kimberly Burrowes

Kimberly Burrowes

Training and Technical Assistance Specialist


Kimberly Burrowes is a training and technical assistance specialist with the Research to Action Lab at the Urban Institute, where she works with local government agencies and nonprofits to coordinate and deliver training and technical assistance to tackle policy challenges. Her background is in participatory engagement and community planning, with a focus on affordable housing solutions.

Burrowes is a lead project coordinator on the Pay for Success Initiative, which allows jurisdictions to explore ways to meet the needs of the most vulnerable populations while reducing costs for the public sector. She also supports the How Housing Matters Initiative, which encourages practice and policy innovations that facilitate collaboration among leaders and policymakers in housing, education, health, and economic development. She also works on the Safety and Justice Challenge Innovation Fund and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Technical Assistance Assessment. Her work focuses on coordinating across several policy issue areas, including housing, health, early childhood education, food security, and justice, to facilitate a multidisciplinary response to cities’ needs.

Before joining Urban, Burrowes worked with the urban development and disaster risk management unit at the World Bank, focusing on projects in the Caribbean and East Asia. Before that, she worked on affordable housing policy at the Massachusetts Housing Partnership in Boston and the Island Housing Trust on Martha’s Vineyard.

Burrowes has a BA in geography and international development and an MA in community development and urban planning from Clark University.