photo of Alexis Weaver
Alexis Weaver
Policy Program Associate
Research to Action Lab

Alexis Weaver is a policy program associate in the Research to Action Lab at the Urban Institute, where she supports community-based efforts to increase vaccine confidence and health equity and to advance mobility from poverty.

Before joining Urban, Weaver worked in the nonprofit food security sector, researching the impact of increased food access on food security and household economic stability while building the capacity of charitable food organizations to implement and measure the impact of an evidence-based model.

Weaver has nearly two decades of experience working within the nonprofit sector to increase capacity for communities to effectively address hunger and poverty. Weaver’s passion is integrating the lived experiences of unheard and marginalized people into decisionmaking processes.

Weaver has a bachelor’s degree in economics and environmental studies from Baylor University and a master’s degree in community and regional planning from the University of Texas. She is a city council member for a small suburban city in the Atlanta metropolitan region.