PROJECTProfile: Ruan Transportation Management Systems

Profile: Ruan Transportation Management Systems

January 2021

Ruan Transportation Management Systems is home to Iowa’s first registered youth apprenticeship program in information technology. The company and its local education partner, Central Campus in Des Moines, developed a competency-based Computer Support Specialist apprenticeship program that offers general IT training, followed by specialized training in one of three IT career paths.

Vital to the program’s success is the process for recruitment and hiring, which follows standard business practices, giving students real-world job-candidate experience. Ruan also works closely with parents and school advisors so the apprenticeships can adjust to students’ needs and prioritize schooling.

"From my perspective, I don’t know why every organization isn’t doing this. It’s easy—I love to see young people learning new things, especially in technology."

—Dan Greteman, chief information officer at Ruan Transportation Management Systems

Ruan said they launched their youth apprenticeship program not only as a solution for labor supply shortages, but also to invest in the community and provide opportunities for students to build sustainable careers in technology. As an unexpected benefit, having youth apprentices allows the company to tap into fresh and modern perspectives from a generation more exposed to new technologies and innovation at an early age.

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