The Youth Apprenticeship Intermediary Project

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Youth apprenticeships offer a meaningful link between high school and the workforce, with benefits for students, employers, educators, and the economy as a whole.

Through apprenticeships, students gain workplace-relevant skills and connect with mentors in their chosen industries; employers benefit from a cost-effective approach to training and recruiting a skilled workforce; and educators can help their students jumpstart the transition from school to career. Apprenticeships can help bridge the earnings gap between college and high school graduates and boost employment.

The Youth Apprenticeship Intermediary project, in cooperation with the US Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship, is working to increase the quality and quantity of registered youth apprenticeships. You can find more resources about youth apprenticeships through this portal or learn how to partner with us.


Opportunities for Partnership

The Urban Institute team seeks to partner with organizations and networks to advance this work. This is a terrific opportunity for industries, employers, and schools to be part of a larger national effort, be leaders in this space, and help develop youth apprenticeship programs in a wide range of industries. To learn more, please email