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Senior renters will need more affordable, senior-friendly housing in the next two decades.
Before the pandemic community colleges had been increasingly embracing distance education because of its flexibility and accessibility. New research shows the pandemic may have accelerated this trend.
Removing barriers could support the healthy development and well-being of millions of American children.
Federal leadership and broader public awareness of the discrimination faced by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders can help move us closer to the promise of the Fair Housing Act.
Without changes now, the outlook for earned time credits having a meaningful impact on opportunities for early release is bleak.
Corporations are increasingly committing to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion but could do more for people with criminal backgrounds.
Despite the importance of home-based child care providers, many do not participate in or benefit from public child care investments.
Abolishing the death penalty alone is not enough to address racial and socioeconomic injustices in the criminal legal system.
Between 2020 and 2040, homeownership trends will vary widely between states.

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