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Small businesses provide economic benefits to owners, employees and communities, and provide intangible benefits through services and amenities. They shape the cultural identity of neighborhoods and help build social capital. At Urban we study the conditions affecting small business performance and unequal access to business ownership. We explore and assess initiatives aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses through access to capital, technical assistance, and advocacy. View our additional community economic development work on Capital Flows, Opportunity Zones, and CDFIs.

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    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act included a new federal incentive—Opportunity Zones—to spur investment in low-income and undercapitalized communities. Governors (and the mayor of the District of Columbia) have now selected zones, and investors, businesses, state and local governments, and philanthropy are figuring out how to turn this concept into investable deals.

    Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center
    Research Areas Neighborhoods, cities, and metros
    Tags Capital flows Community development finance and CDFIs

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