Research Report Youth Apprenticeships in Georgia
Experiences and Recommendations
Robert I. Lerman, Daniel Kuehn, Jessica Shakesprere
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Around the world, apprenticeship training is primarily targeted at youth and young adults. In contrast, only a few states in the US have successfully used apprenticeship to support youth employment and training. This report examines the experiences and successes of the state of Georgia’s youth apprenticeship program. Georgia youth apprenticeships are operated by the state’s high schools in collaboration with local employers. Youth apprenticeship coordinators report that the greatest barrier to expanding youth apprenticeship is forming partnerships with employers. Employers involved with youth apprenticeship report high levels of satisfaction with the program, but often require clarification on the regulations governing employment of minors.

You can read the article on the Georgia Center for Opportunity's website (clicking this link will take to you external site (pdf)).

Research Areas Economic mobility and inequality Education Workforce
Tags Workforce development Secondary education Labor force Job training Youth employment and training Beyond high school: education and training Apprenticeships Youth development
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population