Brief Which Types of Projects Receive New Markets Tax Credit Funding?
Brett Theodos, Christina Plerhoples Stacy, Daniel Teles, Christopher Davis, Ananya Hariharan
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To better understand the projects NMTCs fund, we developed a typology to describe the universe of projects funded from the start of the program through the most recent year that project-level data are available. Looking across all years of the program, manufacturing and food processing projects received the most funding, closely followed by retail, health care, and schools and child care. Other uses include office and professional services; community facilities; market-rate housing development; services for vulnerable people; hotels; energy, water, waste, and sewage; transport, warehouse and wholesale; forest, agriculture, mining, and quarry; investments in community development entities; and affordable residential development.

Research Areas Neighborhoods, cities, and metros
Tags Federal urban policies Job opportunities Community and economic development
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center