Brief What Explains Support for or Opposition to Medicare for All?
John Holahan, Michael Karpman
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This brief assesses public support for Medicare for All proposals and some incremental reforms for expanding health insurance coverage using data from the March 2019 round of the Health Reform Monitoring Survey. We examine support for and opposition to Medicare for All among people with different characteristics, as well as important factors to adults who support, oppose, or are ambivalent toward Medicare for All. We find the following:

  •  Many adults are ambivalent about (neither support nor oppose) Medicare for All and other proposals to expand health insurance coverage, though support for these proposals tends to be greater than opposition.
  • Young adults, nonwhite and Hispanic adults, those with low incomes, and those without private health insurance are more likely to support than oppose Medicare for All. Those who neither support nor oppose Medicare for All share many of these characteristics.
  • Medicare for All supporters and opponents have different perceptions of how it will affect access to care, with the perceptions of those who are ambivalent about the policy closer to those of supporters.
  • Medicare for All supporters cite universal health coverage and greater affordability as important factors in their support. Higher taxes and concerns about wait times to see health care providers and quality of care are more important to Medicare for All opponents.
Research Areas Health and health care
Tags Federal health care reform
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