Research Report Using the Internet to Provide Ethnic and Culturally Diverse Populations with High-Quality Child Support Information
The Case of Beehive
Laudan Y. Aron, Robin Koralek, Rosa Maria Castaneda
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The Urban Institute partnered with the One Economy Corporation in applying for a special improvement project (SIP) grant from OCSE to develop high-quality online child support information specifically developed for families in low-income and ethnic and culturally diverse communities. This grant was awarded and used to prepare three sets of bilingual web pages (one national and two local) that are now available to millions of Americans across the country, and can also be used as models for other local and national sites. The main products of this grant are the new child support web pages, which can be viewed live at This report provides the history and background for this project, describes the work completed under the SIP grant, presents interesting findings not apparent on the website itself, and discusses lessons learned for similar future efforts.
Research Areas Families
Tags Immigrant access to the safety net Immigrant children, families, and communities Child support Federal, state, and local immigration and integration policy
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population