Research Report Using Data to Change the Use of Jails
Implementation Lessons from Charleston County, South Carolina, and St. Louis County, Missouri
Jesse Jannetta, Storm Ervin
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Many local justice reform efforts are focusing on rethinking how jails are used and reducing jail populations and disparities. For jurisdictions to realize those goals, it is important that they understand what drives their jail populations, where to target interventions to address those dynamics, whether interventions are functioning as intended, and whether interventions are generating system impact. This case study, part of a series highlighting work supported by the Safety and Justice Challenge, examines how Charleston County, South Carolina and St. Louis County, Missouri use data to inform their work to reduce local jail populations.

Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety
Tags Alternatives to incarceration Mass incarceration Community data use
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center
Research Methods Qualitative data analysis
States South Carolina Missouri
Counties Charleston County St. Louis County
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