Research Report Upward Mobility through a Universal College and Career Asset-Building Platform
Understanding the NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program Model
Mark Treskon, Mychal Cohen, Jorge González-Hermoso, Christopher R. Hayes, Barbara Butrica, Kristin Blagg
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This report provides an overview of and learning agenda for the Save for College Program, a New York City scholarship and savings platform that incorporates family, school, neighborhood, and systems-level components. The report describes the program’s design and approach, as well as its context and implementation to date. It also discusses metrics and research approaches designed to track the program’s effects over time. The report is intended to serve as a base for future data collection strategies, research, evaluation, and performance management for NYC Kids RISE, the organization that developed and operates the Save for College Program. It is also designed to be useful to practitioners and researchers who are in other cities and contexts and are interested in the Save for College model and how to track the effects of similar multifaceted, long-term programs. 

Research Areas Education Wealth and financial well-being Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Children and youth Workforce
Tags Workforce development Asset and debts K-12 education Financial knowledge and capability Economic well-being School-based partnerships and services Financial products and services Wealth inequality Mobility Schooling Inequality and mobility Kids in context Neighborhoods and youth development
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center