Research Report Updated Estimates of the New Mexico Uninsured and Health Care Reform Options to Expand Marketplace Coverage and Improve Affordability
Matthew Buettgens, Jessica Banthin, Michael Simpson, Linda J. Blumberg, Robin Wang
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In this brief, we present new research estimating New Mexico’s nonelderly uninsured population in 2020, as well as new analyses of seven reform options intended to increase health coverage and improve affordability.  We estimate that the COVID-19 recession has increased the number of uninsured New Mexicans relative to a year ago. As recent increases in Medicaid, CHIP, and Marketplace coverage indicate, Medicaid expansion and Marketplace coverage have protected many New Mexicans from becoming uninsured in the face of large numbers of job losses. However, these programs have not been able to hold coverage constant under these unprecedented circumstances. Our estimates indicate that New Mexico has several policy options that could reduce the number of uninsured residents and improve the affordability of existing coverage for many more.

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