Research Report An Updated Analysis of Utilization in the Los Angeles Healthy Kids Program
Ariel Klein, Embry M. Howell, Ian Hill
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Launched in 2003, the Los Angeles Healthy Kids Program covers children in families with incomes below 300 percent of the federal poverty level regardless of immigration status. This report presents findings on utilization of health services by children ages 0 to 5 enrolling during the programs third year. These children were more likely to receive a preventive care visit, receive any primary care visit, or have a prescription filled, compared to children enrolling during the program's second year. Hospital and emergency room visit rates remained at a constant but low level from the program's second year to the third year.
Research Areas Health and health care Children and youth Immigrants and immigration
Tags Health insurance Health care delivery and payment Health equity Health care systems and managed care plans Children's health and development
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