Research Report Understanding Young-Parent Families
A Profile of Parents Ages 18 to 24 Using the Survey of Income and Program Participation
Nathan Sick, Shayne Spaulding, Yuju Park
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In 2013, 3.6 million young parents (those ages 18 to 24) lived with their children in the United States. These young adults face particular challenges in gaining the skills, education, and experiences necessary to obtain good, family sustaining-jobs. This brief offers a short review of the literature and then uses data from the 2014 Survey of Income and Program Participation to examine young parents who live with their children. The data point to challenges that young parents face in arranging child care, continuing their education, and finding success in the labor market. We include implications for designing strategies to address education and workforce needs.

Research Areas Children and youth Families Child welfare
Tags Employment Economic well-being Family and household data Child support Family planning Family structure Child care Children's health and development Parenting Beyond high school: education and training Kids in context Student parents
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center