Research Report Understanding Community Justice Partnerships
Assessing the Capacity to Partner
Caterina Gouvis Roman, Gretchen E. Moore, Susan Jenkins, Kevonne M. Small
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This report synthesizes knowledge derived from our literature review and consultation with other researchers and practitioners about factors that may affect a community's ability to organize, mobilize, and build capacity to serve as an active partner with criminal justice agencies. Time and time again, evaluations of crime prevention and intervention programs have concluded with the same lessons learned: community organizations need to be able to leverage outside resources, collaboration among organizations is key to program success, and lead agencies must recognize and articulate the community's needs and be able to act cohesively for the good of the community. This report seeks to go beyond "lessons learned" and begin to break down the components of capacity for effective partnerships in community justice initiatives.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Nonprofits and philanthropy Neighborhoods, cities, and metros
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center