Research Report Trends in Residential Long Term Care: Use of Nursing Homes and Assisted Living and Characteristics of Facilities and Residents
Brenda C. Spillman, Korbin Liu, Cary McGilliard
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Older adults with disabilities increasingly are entering residential care alternatives to nursing homes. This study used Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey data for 1992-1998 to compare the characteristics of nursing home and alternative facilities and residents.The proportion of elders in alternative residential care settings increased from 0.8% in 1992 to 1.3% in 1998, and characteristics of facilities and their residents suggest that alternative settings are caring for a more disabled clientele over time.Blacks, long under-represented in nursing homes, increased as a proportion of nursing home residents, but growth in alternative settings was disproportionately among whites and others. Further research is needed to understand the implications of these trends.
Research Areas Health and health care Aging and retirement
Tags Disability and long-term care Long-term services and support
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