Research Report Tackling Persistent Poverty in Distressed Urban Neighborhoods
Margery Austin Turner, Peter Edelman, Erika C. Poethig, Laudan Y. Aron, Matthew A. Rogers
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Despite significant civil rights advancements and enormous improvements in the US standard of living over the past half-century, public policies and private initiatives have largely failed to solve the problem of persistent, intergenerational poverty among families living in distressed communities. Persistent intergenerational poverty is a complex and daunting problem that requires action at multiple levels. No single strategy offers a silver bullet, but strategies that focus on the places poor families live have an important role to play. This paper summarizes lessons learned and evolving practice in the field of place-based interventions, and it offers a set of guiding principles for child-focused, place-conscious initiatives focused on persistent, intergenerational poverty.
Research Areas Neighborhoods, cities, and metros
Policy Centers Research to Action Lab