Research Report Sub-baccalaureate STEM Education and Apprenticeship
Daniel Kuehn, Diane Jones
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A skilled science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce is essential to innovation and economic growth. Many people view the STEM workforce narrowly, considering only scientists with doctorates or engineers with bachelor’s or master’s degrees. However, technicians and other STEM workers with sub-baccalaureate credentials make substantial contributions to the science and engineering enterprise. This report explores the delivery of sub-baccalaureate STEM education in the United States, including both college-based programs and registered apprenticeships. It discusses barriers to delivering high quality sub-baccalaureate STEM education and major federal investments in these education and training programs.
Research Areas Education Workforce
Tags Higher education Workforce development Job training Beyond high school: education and training Apprenticeships
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center