Research Report A Study of Closing Costs for FHA Mortgages
Susan Woodward
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This report analyzes FHA borrower closing costs using data from 7,600 FHA-insured, 30-year fixed-rate home purchase loans. Total closing costs paid to mortgage originators are substantial, averaging just under $3,400. Borrowers in neighborhoods with more minorities and lower educational attainment consistently pay higher costs than others. Loans with simpler terms are less expensive. Borrowers who use "no-cost" loans and so can shop on interest rate alone pay $1,200 less than borrowers who pay some lender or broker fees in cash. This suggests that consumers have a tougher time comparing alternatives when trade-offs are involved and that mortgage loan markets are not fully transparent or competitive.
Research Areas Race and equity Housing
Tags Federal housing programs and policies Racial and ethnic disparities Housing markets Racial barriers to housing
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center