Brief Strategies for Promoting Successful Transitions to Adulthood, Higher Education, and the Workforce
Building Ladders of Opportunity for Young People in the Great Lakes States, Brief 3
Shayne Spaulding
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Economic growth and prosperity in the Great Lakes region depends on ensuring that young people remain in the region and attain the education and skills relevant for future jobs. Much of the power to effect change rests with state and local governments, with important roles for employers and philanthropy to play in supporting the workforce. This brief explores why the transition to adulthood matters and how it predicts future economic success, and examines the challenges that young people face. The brief offers effective and promising strategies that leverage funding and partnerships to support improved outcomes for Great Lakes youth.

This brief is part of a series recommending policies that will build ladders of opportunity and economic mobility for young people in the six state Great Lakes region—Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Research Areas Economic mobility and inequality Workforce Children and youth
Tags Workforce development Labor force Kids in context
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center
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