Brief Sociodemographic Risk and Child Well-Being
Kristin Anderson Moore, Sharon Vandivere, Jennifer Ehrle Macomber
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Children living in families with three or more of the following risks single parenthood, four or more children in the household, a parents lack of education, and poverty were classified at a high level of sociodemographic risk. Nationally, 8 percent of children under age 18 experienced high levels of sociodemographic risk compared to 20 percent of poor children. High risk children were significantly more likely to exhibit emotional and school problems. These problems appear more frequently with older children. Among the 13 states studied, the proportion of children experiencing sociodemographic risk is higher than the national average in Alabama, California, and Mississippi and lower than the national average in Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Washington, and Wisconsin.
Research Areas Families Children and youth Child welfare
Tags Economic well-being