Research Report Serving Noncustodial Parents Through Welfare-to-Work Grants
Labor Market Characteristics, Employment Barriers, and Service Strategies
Karin Martinson
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By providing the noncustodial fathers of children who are receiving cash assistance with employment services funded by Welfare to Work (WtW) grants, the earnings of the fathers will rise, and some of the fathers' increased earnings will be passed on to their children as child support. This report provides an overview of WtW grants program provisions specifically related to noncustodial parents, describes the characteristics of noncustodial fathers and their employment barriers, provides information on current and past programs to improve their employability and earnings potential, and presents service options and strategies for serving this population through the WtW grants program.
Research Areas Families Social safety net
Tags Welfare and safety net programs Child support Race, gender, class, and ethnicity Men and boys