Brief School District Funding in Virginia
Computing the Effects of Changes to the Standards of Quality Funding Formula
Cary Lou, Kristin Blagg, Victoria Rosenboom, Victoria Lee, Stipica Mudrazija
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Virginia’s distinctive school funding formula is made up of multiple funding streams. Each program’s funding is generally determined based on the minimum cost of meeting program and staffing requirements, and responsibility for meeting these funding obligations is split between the state and districts. In the 2017 school year, the formula resulted in slightly progressive cost-adjusted funding across districts. Changes to the existing formula generally produce modest effects on equity measures and often involve committing additional resources.
Research Areas Education Social safety net Race and equity Taxes and budgets
Tags State programs, budgets Racial and ethnic disparities K-12 education School funding State and local tax issues Racial barriers to accessing the safety net Racial equity in education
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center Center on Education Data and Policy