Brief Safety Is the Most Important Thing
How HOPE VI Helped Families
Susan J. Popkin, Elizabeth Cove
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Fear of crime has profound implications for residents, causing stress and social isolation; relocation has brought about a dramatic positive impact on residents life circumstances. Those residents who left traditional public housingvoucher holders and unassisted renters and homeownersare now living in neighborhoods that are dramatically safer than their original public housing developments. These improvements in safety have had a profound impact on their quality of life; they can let their children play outside, they are sleeping better, and are feeling less worried and anxious overall. However, those who remain in traditional public housing developments are still living in extremely dangerous circumstances, little better than where they started.
Research Areas Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Families Housing
Tags Federal housing programs and policies Economic well-being Housing vouchers and mobility Housing markets Federal urban policies Public and assisted housing
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center