Research Report Russia's Winter Woes
Tariff Setting for Local Utilities in a Transition Economy
Valentin Andrianov, Sergei Sivaev, Raymond J. Struyk, Emin Askerov
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During the past two winters, breakdowns in district heating services in Russia have grabbed international headlines. In Russia these services and water and sewerage services are the responsibility of municipal governments; these governments set the tariffs for these services. This article examines the tariff-setting process during 1997-2001 for these two services with particular emphasis on the decision process for considering tariff increases. We find that little progress has been made during the transition period in developing the legal base for rational tariff-setting procedures. Overall, tariff increases have been substantially less than the rate of inflation. Statistical analysis confirms that decisionmaking is highly politicized and that in times of extreme inflation tariff increases lag even further behind inflation. There is an obvious acute need for leadership at the national level to address these problems.
Research Areas International development
Tags International municipal and intergovernmental finance