Brief Returning Home Illinois Policy Brief: Prisoner Reentry and Residential Mobility
Nancy G. La Vigne, Barbara Parthasarathy
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Using data from the Returning Home study of male prisoners returning to Chicago, this policy brief examines the extent of and reasons for residential mobility among released prisoners and how mobility affects reentry outcomes. Findings indicate that residential mobility among this group is not particularly high, and that those who do move are not necessarily at greater risk of relapse and recidivism. In fact, it appears that those who move do so either to avoid family conflict and/or to be more independent. Many change residences in order to reside with an intimate partner or friend. From a policy perspective, there may be little reason to identify movers as a particularly vulnerable population. Indeed, moving could be a sign of increased financial responsibility on the part of the released prisoner.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Housing
Tags Corrections Residential mobility Reentry
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center