Research Report Responding to Homicide and Shooting Scenes: A Review of Procedural Justice Practice in the US
Jesse Jannetta, Anamika Dwivedi, Fernando Rejón, Susan Lee, Sino Esthappan, Mathew Lynch, David Leitson
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This report summarizes findings from a national review of practice regarding police interactions with the community at shooting and homicide scenes. Based on interviews and focus groups with police personnel and community partners representing nine jurisdictions across the nation, this review concludes that procedurally just conduct at shooting scenes requires departments to establish a uniform vision of community engagement, build capacity and training infrastructure to ground procedural justice concepts and practices in the department, and forge authentic partnerships with community leaders and community-based agencies before, during, and after such events.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Children and youth Race and equity
Tags Victims of crime Racial and ethnic disparities Juvenile justice Delinquency and crime Policing and community safety Racial disparities in criminal justice
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center