Research Report Reducing Poverty in Wisconsin: Analysis of the Community Advocates Public Policy Institute Policy Package
Linda Giannarelli, Kye Lippold, Michael Martinez-Schiferl
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A package of policies developed by Community Advocates Public Policy Institute - a nonprofit organization in Wisconsincould reduce Wisconsin's poverty rate by 58 to 66 percent, depending on assumptions. The policies include a Senior and Disability Income Tax Credit, transitional jobs, an increase in the minimum wage to $8, and expansion of income tax credits related to earnings. Combining the new policies with full participation in existing entitlement programs reduces Wisconsin poverty by 81 percent. The analysis uses the American Community Survey, applying the proposed policies with the TRIM3 microsimulation model. Impacts are assessed with the Supplemental Poverty Measure.

Research Areas Social safety net
Tags Welfare and safety net programs
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center
Research Methods ATTIS Microsimulation Model