Research Report Promoting Healthy Families and Communities for Boys and Young Men of Color
Nan Marie Astone, Susan J. Popkin, Heather Sandstrom, Lisa Dubay
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Boys and young men of color are at risk for poor health and developmental outcomes from birth through young adulthood. Many risks flow from a lack of economic resources and residence in segregated neighborhoods of concentrated disadvantage. This paper outlines these developmental challenges and identifies societal, institutional, and community changes that would increase resources, eliminate or reduce stress and trauma, and provide support for boys and families. It also identifies some knowledge gaps that must be filled in order to increase the effectiveness of programs directed toward this population.
Research Areas Social safety net Race and equity
Tags Families with low incomes Racial and ethnic disparities Race, gender, class, and ethnicity Men and boys Kids in context Racial barriers to accessing the safety net
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population