Brief Promoting the Economic Stability of Fathers with Histories of Incarceration
Activities and Lessons from Six Responsible Fatherhood Programs
Jocelyn Fontaine, Emma Kurs
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Fathers with incarceration experiences can face critical barriers to achieving economic self-sufficiency. To assist fathers with overcoming these challenges, six Office of Family Assistance-funded Fatherhood Reentry programs implemented a range of activities designed to help fathers improve their employability, increase their financial literacy, connect them to employment opportunities, and reduce their barriers to self-sufficiency. This implementation evaluation documented these various economic stability services, such as workforce readiness and financial literacy classes, vocational training and certification programs, assistance with building and managing income and benefits, connections to employment opportunities, and workplace essentials such as clothing, identification, and transportation. Drawing on the six programs’ implementation experiences, this brief recommends that providers consider adapting their service offerings over time, advocating for the reentry population with employers, and building credibility with employers by communicating and demonstrating the benefits of program participation.
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