Fact Sheet Preventing Retail Burglary
Nancy G. La Vigne, Michelle L. Scott, Colleen Owens
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This guide is tailored toward private businesses interested in new approaches to the prevention of retail burglary. Designed to encourage partnerships between businesses and local law enforcement, the guide walks readers through the process of understanding retail burglary, collecting crime data, identifying potential strategies, and measuring the impact of those strategies. Several promising strategies for preventing retail burglary are highlighted, including: removing obstructions from windows to provide a clear line of sight into stores from the street and parking lot; improving lighting around doorways and other entry points; launching a public awareness campaign to inform would-be burglars of legal repercussions of burglarizing; andlimiting inventory on-hand.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety
Tags Crime and justice analytics Policing and community safety
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center