Brief Preparing for the Biggest Coverage Event Since the Affordable Care Act
Perspectives from State Health Officials on the end of Medicaid's Continuous Coverage Requirement
Sabrina Corlette, Linda J. Blumberg, Megan Houston, Erik Wengle
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This brief examines the preparations and planning that SBMs and their counterparts in state Medicaid agencies are taking to prepare for the end of the PHE and the continuous enrollment provisions. Researchers conducted structured discussions with SBM and Medicaid officials in 11 states to get an understanding of planning efforts, best practices, and risks associated with the impending coverage transitions. Once the PHE ends, states will begin reassessing Medicaid eligibility, resulting in up to 16 million people being disenrolled. How well integrated Medicaid and Marketplace agencies are, how much planning is taking place, and how agencies coordinate data sharing and outreach strategies vary significantly across states. State officials outlined ways in which they are working to overcome several challenges, including lack of lead time, workload and staffing challenges, lack of data, technology glitches, and market instability.

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