Research Report Place Matters: A Two-Generation Approach to Housing
Elsa Falkenburger, Sarah Haight, Susan J. Popkin
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Place matters in the lives of families; homes are the anchor for family life, and the quality of one’s housing is an important determinant of health and economic outcomes. This joint publication by the Urban Institute and the Aspen Institute offers a set of recommendations on how to harness public and assisted housing and public-private housing partnerships to promote better outcomes for families. Read the full report on the Aspen Institute's website.

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Tags Employment Federal urban policies Child care Children's health and development Child welfare Multifamily housing Families with low incomes Housing affordability Parenting Work supports Work-family balance Housing subsidies Racial inequities in health Racial inequities in neighborhoods and community development Structural racism in civil society and civic participation Child care and workers
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center