Research Report A Picture of Moving to Work Housing Assistance
Martha M. Galvez, Ruth Gourevitch, Benny Docter
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Public housing agencies (PHAs) with Moving to Work (MTW) designation have unique funding and policy flexibility intended to allow them to test innovative approaches to providing housing assistance. This report uses US Department of Housing and Urban Development data to describe the 39 PHAs with MTW designation as of 2016, as well as the housing assistance they provided and the households they served. The agencies served roughly 12 percent of all PHA-assisted households nationally in 2016. MTW agencies provided a similar mix of housing assistance, served similar populations, and subsidized households in neighborhoods with similar levels of poverty as a comparison group of similarly-sized traditional PHAs, and provided more project-based Housing Choice Voucher assistance. Between 2008 and 2016, the MTW agencies added new households to their assistance portfolios, whereas the traditional agencies did not. MTW agencies also received increased funding over the 2008-2016 period compared to the traditional agencies.

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Research Areas Race and equity Housing
Tags Federal housing programs and policies Infrastructure Housing vouchers and mobility Racial and ethnic disparities Federal urban policies Racial segregation Housing affordability Inequality and mobility Racial barriers to housing Public and assisted housing
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center