Research Report Organizational Efficiency and Early Disposition Programs in Federal Courts
KiDeuk Kim
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Early disposition or "fast-track" programs in federal sentencing allow a prosecutor to offer a reduced sentence in exchange for a defendant's prompt guilty plea and waiver of certain legal rights. Based on immigration cases in federal districts, this study finds that fast-track participants received a modest reduction in sentence length compared to otherwise similar non-participants. The estimated reduction in case processing time attributable to fast-track programs was also of moderate consequence to the government. The report discusses policy implications of fast-track processing in terms of organizational efficiency and fair treatment of defendants in federal court.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Race and equity Immigrants and immigration
Tags Courts and sentencing Racial and ethnic disparities Crime and justice analytics Federal, state, and local immigration and integration policy Immigrant communities and racial equity Racial and ethnic disparities in criminal justice
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center