Fact Sheet Nine Strategies to Guide Efforts to Reduce Youth Gun Violence
Jesse Jannetta, Rod Martinez, Paige Thompson, Janine M. Zweig, Lily Robin, Leigh Courtney, Lindsey Cramer, Storm Ervin, Andreea Matei, Krista White
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While extensive research exists, the field lacks a current and translational synthesis of what works to reduce youth group and gun violence. In response, the Urban Institute developed a research-based practice guide to inform local government, law enforcement, and community-violence-intervention stakeholders as they implement new antiviolence interventions and refine existing ones. This fact sheet summarizes practice guide recommendations around nine practice areas related to building an infrastructure to support a multi-faceted antiviolence strategy and implementing effective violence reduction programs. The recommendations are based on findings from a literature synthesis and scan of relevant antiviolence practice.

Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety
Tags Community public safety investment Gun violence Policing and community safety
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