Research Report The New York Noncustodial Parent EITC: Its Impact on Child Support Payments and Employment
Austin Nichols, Elaine Sorensen, Kye Lippold
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In 2006, New York instituted a noncustodial parent earned income tax credit (NCP EITC) to encourage low-income noncustodial parents to work and pay child support. This study examines the credits impacts through 2009. We use a regression discontinuity approach exploiting a drop in NCP EITC eligibility when taxpayers youngest children turn 18, and find the NCP EITC increased the proportion of noncustodial parents paying their child support in full by approximately 1 percentage point. Effects were stronger among parents with low child support orders. Our estimates may represent upper-bound impacts, but reflect only the first four years of implementation.
Research Areas Families Taxes and budgets Children and youth
Tags Child support Economic well-being State and local tax issues Individual taxes
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center