Research Report NeighborWorks America's Homeownership Education and Counseling: Who Receives It and Is It Effective?
Wei Li, Bing Bai, Laurie Goodman, Jun Zhu
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This report answers three important questions about NeighborWorks America’s homeownership education and counseling program.

  1. Who uses the program?
    The share of disadvantaged borrowers among NeighborWorks’ clients is almost twice as high as among general home purchase mortgage applicants and borrowers.
  2. Where could the program be of greatest use?
    The program is most useful in metropolitan statistical areas with high mortgage denial rates.
  3. How effective is the program in improving loan performance?
    Buyers who receive NeighborWorks’ prepurchase counseling achieve significantly better loan performance than do comparable buyers without NeighborWorks counseling.
Research Areas Housing finance
Policy Centers Housing Finance Policy Center