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Exploring Associations between Nonresident Father Involvement and Child Welfare Case Outcomes
Karin Malm, Erica H. Zielewski, Henry Chen
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This study follows-up on a prior study of child welfare agencies' efforts to identify, locate, and involve nonresident fathers of children in foster care. These analyses use information from the original survey and administrative data on case outcomes to explore three research questions: (1) Is nonresident father involvement associated with case length? (2) Is nonresident father involvement associated with foster care discharge outcomes? and (3) Is nonresident father involvement associated with subsequent child maltreatment allegations? The study finds that having an involved father is associated with shorter case length and a greater likelihood of reunification. Future research is needed to better understand the nature of nonresident fathers' involvement.
Research Areas Families Children and youth
Tags Child support Child welfare
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population