Brief Measuring Career Progress in the Health Profession Opportunity Grants
(HPOG) 1.0 Program
Pamela J. Loprest, Nathan Sick
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One of the major goals Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) Program is to advance the healthcare careers of low-income individuals. This brief measures HPOG first-round participants’ progress in occupational training and employment and earnings for up to three years following program entry. Using program and quarterly wage administrative data, the findings show improvements over time in training course completions, acquisition of occupational training credentials, and employment and earnings. The brief also considers the use of career progress measures as performance management indicators. The brief does not assess HPOG impacts, but reports on key outcomes experienced by HPOG participants following enrollment.
Research Areas Education Workforce
Tags Workforce development Job training Beyond high school: education and training
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center