Research Report Massachusetts Recidivism Study
A Closer Look at Releases and Returns to Prison
Rhiana Kohl, Hollie Matthews Hoover, Susan M. McDonald, Amy L. Solomon
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The Massachusetts Recidivism Study aims to better understand the experiences of recidivists and how their previous incarceration and time in the community relate to their returns to prison. The study consists of three interrelated components: an analysis of DOC administrative data, interviews with recidivists as they return to prison, and parole officer focus groups. This report provides findings from the analysis of administrative data on the 2002 release cohort comparing recidivists with nonrecidivists. The report compares the two groups across demographics, criminal history, offense type, time served, release type, and in-prison reentry preparation.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety
Tags Corrections Crime and justice analytics
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center