Research Report Mapping Child Care Demand and the Supply of Care for Subsidized Families
Illinois–New York Child Care Research Partnership
Heather Sandstrom, Amy Claessens, Marcia Stoll, Erica Greenberg, David Alexander, Charmaine Runes, Julia R Henly
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As part of the Illinois–New York Child Care Research Partnership, this report explores local child care markets in New York and Illinois. We describe the distribution of child care programs with distinct characteristics across four study sites, investigate the match between child care supply and the needs of subsidy-eligible families, and examine alignment patterns that suggest opportunities for program development or policy intervention. We map the areas’ child care markets and position providers who accept child care subsidies within the broader market. Many subsidy-eligible families live in child care deserts and might have difficulty finding care that fits work and family needs. Even where families might have access to child care, many centers or homes are not of high quality, are not open during nonstandard hours, or are not licensed to accept infants, causing families to struggle to access child care while maintaining employment.

Research Areas Education Families Children and youth Immigration
Tags Immigrant children, families, and communities Child care Families with low incomes Early childhood education Kids in context Child care and early childhood education
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population